Fem Silicone Urinal
Fem Silicone Urinal
Fem Silicone Urinal
Fem Silicone Urinal
Fem Silicone Urinal

Fem Silicone Urinal

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Imagine being able to go for a #1 without having to wander into the woods for privacy or risk exposing your booty to the elements or fellow hikers or bears!  
The Fem Silicone Urinal Device allows you to stand up and pee so you can enjoy the same freedom as men when it comes to answering the call of nature in the great outdoors.
Don’t Let the Fear or Frustration of Peeing in Nature Get in the Way of your Outdoor Adventures!
Men may not understand the challenges a woman faces when you’re busting for a pee in the woods where bathrooms are non-existent. But at Purple Shopper, we do.
Let’s face it ladies, squatting in the backcountry can be difficult. Whatever your outdoor activity, we make peeing in the wilderness convenient and good personal hygiene possible.
How To Use
Our portable urinals allow you to simply press the device against your personal area and pee like men: while standing and wearing pants.
They’re perfect for encounters with gross Festival porta-potties or that disgusting girls restroom back at the campsite, not to mention:
Hiking ⛰️ Camping 🏕️ Surgery 🌡️ Biking 🚴🏻 Canoeing 🛶 Travelling 🚌 Road Trips 🚗 Festivals 🌷
Quick Points
Take one on your next road trip and keep with your traveling essentials. Seriously, you’ll wonder how you survived so many backpacking trips without one!
💗 They’re safe, hygienic, discrete and easy to use.
💗 We’ve made them spill proof to prevent urine getting your pants wet.
💗 Just practice at home in the shower before you travel to the trail.
💗 Every product comes with a BETTER THAN MONEYBACK GUARANTEE, so if you two just don’t hit it off, we’ll refund you every cent and send you a new one!
A new stand-while-you-pee freedom awaits you! Add to cart now!
  • 💕 PEE FREELY IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS: When you gotta go, you gotta go! This reusable FUD makes doing your business a breeze - no matter where you are. Superior design for a leak-free experience. Head out on the trail without worrying about your next bathroom break
  • 💕 EASY TO USE WITH NO ROOM FOR ERROR: Compatible with pants and outdoor clothing and gear. The wide mouth makes a reliable seal with ample room for peeing so it won’t spill, drip or splash. The long urinary neck and tip is shaped for easy aiming - no wet clothes or shoes!
  • 💕 ENJOY THE SAME CONVENIENCE AS MEN: Women's equality takes on a whole new meaning with this must-have camping accessory. Stand, aim and fire in seconds without having to bear your butt, strip off layers of clothing, wander off into the woods or squat in a snowdrift!
  • 💕 SUPER SANITARY AND EASY TO CLEAN: Made from FDA approved medical grade silicone which means it's easy to prevent odors. The water-repellent feminine urinary device can be shaken dry. Simply rinse with water and soap when you’re back at base
  • 💕 BUILT TO GO THE DISTANCE WITH YOU: The flexible silicone will withstand years of abuse in any terrain. Light and portable - perfect for the hiking and backpacking girl or woman. Compresses into a discreet pouch for easy storage in your car glove box backpack side pocket


If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support to get an easy refund. We just ask that you at least give the product a 2 week try and we'll refund you, no questions!

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